Freedom in Restraint

I recently returned from a trip to Kenya and, as always, the Lord used the trip to reveal to me new aspects of His character and new revelations about my. Last weekend I went to Naivasha with Ryan, Casey, and Aaron-- if you have been on an Impact Trip with CARE for AIDS over the past three years you certainly know and have been taken care of by some or all of them. As we drove across a rural stretch of the highway we saw two young sheep running full speed toward the road from an adjacent field. They each had a frayed rope tied to their hind legs- they had clearly been tethered somewhere on the property we were driving by and had just broken free. 

In their frenzied escape, they headed straight into traffic. We (luckily) just missed them with our car, but they may not have been so lucky with the cars behind us. It certainly looked like their extreme pursuit of freedom was going to end in their destruction. 

It's no coincidence that we are often compared to sheep in the New Testament. Just like these little guys, I have the tendency to rush so quickly toward what I sense as freedom that I destroy my spirit in the process. This tendency is why I love the Lenten season so much. Lent is a time when we intentionally tighten our tether to God through spiritual practices. We eat less, we pray more, and we meditate on the mysteries of our faith. Instead of breaking free and running wildly toward danger, Lent offers us the opportunity to draw closer to the Shepherd. 

As we draw toward Easter this weekend, I challenge you to make the most of your last few days of Lent before we feast throughout the Easter season. Draw close to God and seek to experience true freedom through being tightly tethered to your Shepherd. 

Looking for a resource to guide you through this season? We recommend this great resource from Biola University.