Our Father is Good

This morning's blog is the second in a series of three from our summer intern, Anna Wilke: 

In considering expectation, I think a common question is what do we do when we feel our prayers go unanswered? What happens when we feel we are waiting endlessly or in suffering and no one is listening? In these heartbreaking and difficult circumstances it is even more important to have faith in God’s character and the promises He has made.

First we must embrace that in His faithfulness God always hears and ultimately answers our prayers.  We are assured of this in 1 John 5:14. At times it is easy to miss an answered prayer because we find His answer disorienting. Circumstances can change, health can deteriorate, financial difficulties can arise, difficult relationships can develop. In situations like these we feel overcome with pain and confusion, but what could be happening is God is answering our prayers, we just expected the answer to look and feel differently.

There are many things we will never know on this side of Heaven because our understanding is sorely limited.  God’s knowledge is complete and in His infinite wisdom, He knows what is best for us. God answers our prayers with eternity in mind and we have to remember that He has a good plan and a purpose for everything in our lives.

Most importantly, we must have faith in the goodness of God and in His love for us. Our Father is good. He answers prayer from His eternal perspective with what He knows we need.  These answers may not always “line up” with expectations born of our limited perspective. Our Father loves us immeasurably and knows what is best for us. Our Father is good. Romans 8:28 says, “And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love Him, who have been called according to His purpose”. We have been assured that God is working for our good in all circumstances even if we don’t understand them. We must remember to keep our faith in the character and promises of our God beyond what we can see and feel. Our Father is good.