Meet Esther

Esther Kabura understands what it means to serve. Before she joined the CARE for AIDS team, she worked as a volunteer with an organization that housed struggling young women.

“They were very young and couldn’t do anything for themselves,” she says sadly. “Almost a year after I finished college in 2008, I joined that house and gave them food and washed them. There were so many. But God gave me a chance to serve.”

Later, Esther took a course called Community Development where she learned the hard facts about HIV and its impact on communities. Ultimately, this course led her to an interview with CARE for AIDS.

“I had left that house and got married,” she says. “I asked God, ‘Please can you give me a job where I can keep serving?”

So He did. But, in the beginning, there was uncertainty about how to help victims of the disease, because there was no guarantee they would reach out for help, even if help was offered. But God paved a way, just as He always had.

“One person came in [to the center], so we explained to him what we needed, what we wanted. And through that [visit], more people came,” Esther says. “And now we have finished our third year. But we face a lot. We have to tell people ‘this is not the way of living.’ I go to where they live to help them learn how to cook, clean, and bathe. Their food needs to be clean. Hygiene is important. They learn that to have God is to be clean…not only on the inside but also on the outside.”

Esther says that the most important work she can do with CARE for AIDS is to make sure members of the program know HIV is not the end. And the response is not only positive, it’s life-changing.

“They appreciate the work we are doing,” Esther says with a smile. “Even people who are not in the program have become saved. And I thank God for this organization.”

Esther's story is one of 100 CARE for AIDS staff and client stories told in our coffee table book project- 100 Faces.