Visiting Stanley

This morning's post comes to us from CARE for AIDS supporter and board member, Kylie White. Kylie is one of the volunteers leading the charge in Families for Families, an initiative supporting CARE for AIDS. Learn more about Families for Families here

Just when we thought we were done with home visits for the day, a man came up to us calling to Samson, the spiritual counselor. He wanted us to come to his home.

Stanley was a tall lean man, 36 years old living in a small room. His wife and two children live in the up country where she works in a salon. He found work in security in Mombasa so they currently live apart, just visiting each other from time to time. Stanley learned he was HIV positive in 2004 before marrying his wife, when his factory employer tested all employees.

"I thought my world had come to an end, I panicked" he explained.

He said after his results in 2004 he tried to forget about the diagnosis so he wouldn't carry the weight of it every day. But after meeting his soon to be wife, he knew he needed to share before getting married. She was actually positive as well, so they got married in 2006 and had their first child. He started to share with us how a friend of his had introduced him to CARE for AIDS and how excited he was to have someone to talk to about his AIDS journey.

We asked him his hopes for the program, since he is only a few months in. He shared that he hopes to move forward in his walk with the Lord. He said he is glad he will learn how to take his medicine and nutrition properly and that he is thankful for the opportunity to share his struggles and receive spiritual counseling from Samson.

We told Stanley how proud we were of him, as a man, to take the stand to get help and be vulnerable in counseling. He expressed he still hasn't shared his status with friends and neighbors, but knows the CARE for AIDS program will give him the courage to live positively. I am prayerful that God will take a man like Stanley and encourage other Kenyan men to rise up and get help and healing, and that the best place to find that help will be in the local church, the light of the world. 

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