Opening Doors

Knock and the door will be opened for you.
— Jesus Christ

Recently, I've noticed a door theme in the CARE for AIDS model. It becomes apparent in our church partnerships, the home visits, and in the spiritual side of our counseling program.

Very often in the communities we work in, church doors are closed to people living with HIV/AIDS (PLWHA). They are told that they are living with a curse, or with consequences of their sin, and that they have no place in church. Our church partners are literally opening their doors to PLWHA on center days, and for empowerment seminars during the week. They are also opening their doors figuratively as the pastors and church members interact with and get to know our clients and make their church a place of welcome and community for PLWHA.

During home visit days, our center staff walk through the community opening the doors of homes which have been closed off to community. Often our clients shut themselves off from community because they are afraid of people finding out about their HIV status, or they feel like they don't belong in community because of their status. Our staff open doors and remind our clients that they are loved, that there is no need to hide, and that they belong in community.

In the spiritual counseling, our counselors help our clients open the doors of the hearts to the love of God that is offered through His Son, Jesus Christ. 

The door theme culminated the other day when I gave an impromptu motivational talk to our clients. I was at the Launch of Program ceremony at our center in Sinai. This day is the kick-off of the program for a new set of 80 clients, and is basically an orientation day. I was given the microphone, and couldn't help myself. This is what I told the new group of clients: 

Imagine that I invited you to my home. It is put to you whether to not to accept the invite. When you arrive, and I open the door for you, you will have to choose to walk in. When I offer you a seat and a cup of chai, you will have to choose to sit down and take the cup of chai.

The same is true of this program. We have opened the doors of this church and invited you in to learn, to be counseled, and to be empowered for the next nine months, but it’s up to you to work hard and apply what you are learning. At the end of this nine month program, if you have seen any positive change in your life, you will now that it is because of the hard work that you did.

Thank you for reading, and for joining us in the business of opening doors.