Born in 1953, Joseph Oduol is now the only surviving member of his family. But he is not alone.

In 2005, Joseph was diagnosed with HIV. He later joined a CARE for AIDS program, where he received holistic medical, spiritual, and emotional care for his disease. After losing his first wife, Joseph met Sela in 2007. One year later, they were married.

Sela, who was also HIV positive, struggled with her diagnosis. But Joseph proved to be the support system she needed in order to survive.

“I was taught from day one to adhere to the [drug] regimen,” he says of CARE for AIDS. “And that if I took my medicine correctly, I would be okay.”

Because of the program, Joseph was well equipped to teach his wife how to take care of herself. And even though she was bitter about the suffering she had endured, Joseph’s faithfulness to her – and his faith in Christ – provided a foundation upon which they would regain their strength…physically, spiritually, and emotionally.

“We have each other for support,” Joseph says. “And I have learned there is nothing more important than being open and sharing with one another.”

 Joseph and Sela's stories are two of 100 stories captured in the CARE for AIDS coffee table book. Learn more about the project here