At just twenty-seven years old, Grace Njoroge has endured a difficulty that no person should ever have to face. She is HIV positive.

But despite her diagnosis, Grace is living proof that a little hope can go a long way.

A married mother of a six-year old boy, Grace learned she was HIV positive in January of 2008 when she was taken to the hospital for another ailment. During her treatment, she was tested for the disease.

“It was shocking,” she says in a bright, clear voice. “It was very hard. But I had my mother with me so that helped a lot.”

A year later, Grace met and fell in love with her husband, who is HIV negative but has accepted his wife’s diagnosis without restraint.

“He is very supportive,” she says.

While she was a patient at the hospital, she met a member of the CARE for AIDS program and he invited her to come and visit.

“I’ve learned so much,” she says of her time in the program. “I’ve started making baskets. I know how to make bar soaps, beads, and peanut butter. But after I attended the seminar on saving, I thought to myself, ‘Oh no, I’ve been using up all my money!’ So I learned more about finances and that has helped.”

Today, things are better for the young wife and mother. When asked what keeps her going she whispers quietly, almost reverently, “My son”.

“I have to be there for him,” she continues. “I have to raise him.”

And, Grace admits shyly, she hopes to have another child one day. She has faith that God is working, and it shows. When asked what she likes to do in her free time, she says she loves music.

“Don’t make me sing,” she begs with a laugh.

She’s too shy…but she does it anyway. And it’s a beautiful sound.