June 13, 2016

This morning's post comes to us from CARE for AIDS supporter Kylie White. She is currently on an Impact Trip with CARE for AIDS in Kenya with her son and a group of friends and community members. To follow her adventures real-time, be sure to follow us on Instagram (@careforaids).

We arrived at the Care for AIDS center in Mikindani to sit in on health and spiritual counseling sessions. We walked in on a spiritual session going on between John and Margaret. Margaret was a tall, slender, well spoken woman. She looks nothing of her age, 38 years, orphaned at a young age and a widow with 4 children aged 16, 10, and 3 year old twins. When she was 7 months pregnant with her twins, her husband was killed in an accident. She already knew from her pregnancy with her 10 year old that she was HIV positive.

Thankfully she did not pass it to the children. As her status became known in the family, she had a cousin who became aggressive and began attacking her verbally. Margaret shared "she would tell me, you will be like a snake eating dust, you will just die and no one will care for your children." She would call the children horrible names. This same cousin told the church she attended to leave Margaret alone, that she was a demon.

This same church is where the CARE for AIDS program was just launching. John, the newly recruited spiritual counselor, heard the cousin's accusations and told the cousin that he was going to go to Margaret. She said at this point in her life she was "thin both outside and inside" and that her life had become dim. After meeting John and starting the program 3 months ago, new life has come to her heart. She said, "I had sensed that bitterness had started to grow in my heart and the program has been perfect for me, it has made me become who I am".

Through the inspiration of the CARE for AIDS program, she has followed through on a dream of hers- to start a support group for widows called "forgiveness". She said "forgiveness has become the headline for my life, so I knew this is what the group should be called". Margaret also dreams of starting a "beyond zero" campaign in her community to stop the spread of HIV. Margaret has God sized dreams, and after only 3 short months, CARE for AIDS has fanned the flames and her dreams are becoming reality.

I truly believe Margaret will be a beacon of light and hope and forgiveness in her community. A woman who has been told she is a demon or a snake eating dust, will be the instrument of change God uses in so many people's lives.