God’s Strength in our Weakness

May 19, 2016

One of my dreams, for as long as I can remember, has been to travel to the Holy Land. I just had the opportunity to make, what I hope will be, my first of many trips to Israel and Jordan. It was only made more special by the fact that I got to share it with my wife, daughter, parents, and in-laws. We visited roughly 35 sites in 11 days, so there is still so much to process from this experience.

However, the storyline that continued to surface again and again was how God, throughout history, has chosen to put people in situations where their human strength would never be enough to overcome the obstacle or task ahead. This allows God to demonstrate His power and receive glory for the victory. Here are a few of the sites we visited and how this theme was reinforced.

Mt. Carmel – God consumed the water-soaked alter of Elijah while the 450 prophets of Baal danced around foolishly with no response.

Sea of Galilee – God chose 12 men of lower education and status in the community to be His disciples. He built His Church with fishermen and tax collectors.

Valley of Elah – The site of David’s victory over Goliath. Some may argue this victory was not as improbable as some suggest, but both armies clearly saw David as an underdog. God received the glory for this win.

En Gedi – In 2 Chronicles 11, God gives King Jehoshaphat an incredible victory over a vast army without having to engage a single enemy.

Mt. Nebo – This is the site where Moses got to view the Promised Land shortly before his death. Moses claimed to be “slow of speech and tongue” but God used him to free the captive Israelites from Egypt and did miraculous things through him.

Sites related to Jesus’ crucifixion and resurrection – God sent His son in the form of a humble carpenter from Nazareth- not the earthly king the Jews were expecting. The greatest exhibition of God’s power was Jesus’ resurrection.

All of these events and hundreds more throughout the Bible are examples of God using the poor, powerless, and uneducated to change communities, nations, and the world.

CARE for AIDS was established with the prayer- God this is too big for us to accomplish, but if you make this happen, you will receive all the glory. We try to maintain that same posture today. The same is also true for our clients. They are people of no status or means in their communities, but when God heals them physically and spiritually, their stories become a powerful tool that God uses to impact others.

God does not desire our significance, only our dependence on Him. In that dependence, His power and greatness can be displayed. We need to ask God for assignments that are well beyond our strength and ability. Those are the times when God shows up in the most extraordinary ways. If we only attempt things that are within our comfort and reach, there is no room for God to be glorified.