Boundless Grace


It was 6:45 in the morning, and traffic was worse than usual. We were moving, but very slowly. With a noticeable rise in my blood-pressure, I accepted that I was going to be late to my breakfast meeting. Right at that moment, a matatu which had gone into the oncoming traffic’s lane to pass all of us, tried to cut back into our line to avoid being hit by an oncoming car. The only problem was, there was not space in our line, and I had to swerve left to avoid being hit.

Swerving left, my left tires slipped off the pavement onto the rocky shoulder and I was almost hit by another matutu that was speeding down the shoulder trying to get ahead of the line of traffic. After taking a deep breath and getting back onto the road, I immediately started an internal rant about how stupid and unsafe matatu drivers are, and how their actions make traffic so much worse than it already is.

I strongly feel at times that matatu drivers going unpunished is one of the great injustices in the world. I feel like some higher authority should take action and crack down on them. I often feel that in the absence of this crackdown, the world needs me to step in with vigilante justice and teach matatu drivers a lesson by, for example, obstructing their way and driving slower than I normally would just so they realize how unsafe they are being. I recognize that is not the best logic there, but that hasn’t stopped me from doing that once or twice.

After fuming for a while about the two matatus that almost hit me, reason started to emerge and I started to calm down as I thought about many other more serious injustices in the world that are more deserving of my anger and desire to correct injustice. Then, my traffic-induced-inner-monologue got pretty heavy as I considered how I can reconcile the broad range of injustices in the world - from crazy matatus to human trafficking - with a God who I believe in and who is supposed to be Just and Good. And I came to the following conclusion: Injustice persists so that I can receive grace. If God punished injustice, the injustice in me would have to be punished. If He destroyed all evildoers, I would be on the list. If God was only Just I wouldn’t think of Him as Good. He is Good because he is Just and because He is also merciful.

Injustice continues to exist because grace has been extended to everyone, so that we all have the opportunity to find and respond to God. I have found God, through His Son, but I am still on the journey of learning how to respond to Him. I receive boundless, daily grace in this journey. Because this is a journey that I am still on, I am grateful that grace exists - even if it means that injustice also does.

With this mindset, I start to see the Grace I have been given in turn gives me a personal responsibility to choose justice and goodness in how I live my life, because I have been forgiven and given so much. It also means I should not become frustrated when injustice and evil seem to persist, because Grace is more evident. Instead, I should also extend the grace and forgiveness that I have received ….even to crazy matatu drivers.