Meet Rose

April 4, 2016

“Every week when I come, there is food and help,” Rose Nyaboke says about the CARE for AIDS program in her community. “With the center, I can get through my difficulties.”

A mother of four grown children, including three girls and one boy, Rose receives many of her meals from CARE for AIDS, as well as the medical treatment she needs to counteract the physical effects of living with HIV.

“I can eat here,” she says. “I go to the seminars. I get medicine. I am not getting sick, all because of this program.”

And despite the circumstances Rose faces at home, missing her children who are living with their father and working to survive on her own, she has a strong support group to help her along the way.

“When I pray, I get help,” she says. “The center gives me what I need to get through these difficulties. My brothers are helping me, as well, and they take me there when I need to go.”

Most of all, Rose thinks of her children and strives to stay healthy for them.

“They give me the most joy,” she says, her face brightening. “When I think about living, I think about them.”

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Beth's story is one of 100 stories recorded in the CARE for AIDS coffee table book. Learn more about our 100 Faces project here