Fortunes From the Garbage

April 21, 2016

John Otolo is a driver by training. He is married with 2 wives and 5 children. He lives in Mombasa with his family

About one year ago, john enrolled at the CFA Tudor center. With a large family to feed and irregular jobs as a driver, John was not a happy man. When he joined the program, he focused on learning something that would transform his economic status. From the several skills that were taught, he focused on beadwork; paper beads and plastic beads.

“When I realized that all the plastic bags scattered on the road can change my life, I walked around collecting them like a mad man, because I now knew the value of recycling them” says John with a big laugh.  

“Many people thought that I was insane when they saw me collect garbage, including my wife, but later, when she realized the value of what I was collecting, she does not pass a plastic bag by the roadside, she will collect it and bring it to me to transform it into the beautiful jewels.’’

The skills he learned have changed his life- he is able to make key holders, necklaces and bracelets among other things and sell them. As the group was graduating earlier this year, he proudly shared how he has been able to expand his market to his local home in another county. He is now able to sell his products in Mombasa and in his home town. His financial situation has greatly improved and his business is continuing to grow each day.