Meet Catherine

April 11, 2016

I have to keep going, because I have kids to look after,” says Catherine Munga. “They look to me for what they need.”

And to give them what they need, Catherine says she looks to Christ.

A divorced mother of four daughters, Catherine learned she was HIV positive in August of last year.

 “I was sick and told I had breast cancer,” she says. “I was scared so I went to get more tests and found out I didn’t have cancer. I had HIV.”

Following her diagnosis, Catherine joined CARE for AIDS, which she learned about when a counselor from the program came to visit. Since becoming a member, Catherine has learned a variety of skills – such as beadwork – which have given her the ability to earn a living and take care of her children. With the nutritional care she receives and the food packages she takes home twice a week, she has been strengthened enough to continue learning all that she can to build a small business.

“I want to make a living,” she says in a determined voice. “And I know that, through my salvation in Christ, I will get what I need.”