Meet Florence

March 28, 2016 

A single mother of three children, Florence Rumona discovered her status in December of 2005. Afterwards, Florence separated from her husband, a choice she admits made daily life more difficult, because not only had she become the sole breadwinner in their home, she was not always healthy enough to earn a living. Eight years later, she became a part of her local CARE for AIDS program, but thankfully, she was able to start receiving treatment for her disease long before that.

“Sometimes I’d work,” she says. “And sometimes not. I would just survive.”

And although the challenges of living with HIV still remain, Florence remains positive that her life will continue to improve.

“The goodness in my life is those three kids,” she says of her children. “None of them are positive, and I am grateful for that. Sometimes we miss meals here and there, but as long as I can take my drugs and keep working, we are okay.”

Florence has hopes to start a small business soon with the skills she has learned from the CARE for AIDS program. And with the treatment she has received there, she is able to maintain her health and may do just that.

“I am rarely sick,” she says. “And I am not that old. I still have many years to come.”

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