From the Field: Patrick Wanyeki

March 21, 2016

This morning's post comes to us from CARE for AIDS Monitoring and Evaluation Coordinator, Patrick Wanyeki.

In early 2007, my friend and then next door neighbor, Duncan, shared a vision that he and Cornel had in their hearts. As I sat and listened to him unfold the vision to me, I didn't quite follow. At that time Duncan was living with George, a young boy from a Nairobi slum who I later came to find out that he was a HIV positive orphan.

That opened my eyes, and I started taking seriously what Duncan had shared with me about the vision of CARE for AIDS. I met Justin and the first impact trip team a few months later when the first CFA center was opened at Imani Baptist church. I offered to drive the team around for the period they were here in my old salon car. 

Little did I know that God was on the move.  CFA planted a seed; God provided others to water the seed and God made it grow- a perfect mustard seed story.

After many years of indirect involvement with CFA, God opened a door for me to be part of the ministry as a full time team member in June of 2014. I came in excited and enthusiastic to serve as a Regional Coordinator. Part of my responsibility was to oversee administratively a region of 6 centers at the time and maintaining cordial relationships with all partnering churches in my region.

Its hard to believe that it is now 2016, and God opened another door for me to serve in a different capacity. Today I am glad to be a member of a wonderful team that’s helping CFA measure, quantify and evaluate success. This new role has given me a platform to visit more centers on a national level. I have had very good moments with clients and our center staff from Kisumu all the way to Mombasa.

I sit and listen to our clients. We laugh together and sometimes, actually most times I just go quiet during sessions in awe, so amazed by Gods work in our client’s lives. We also pray together and encourage one another in the Lord.

One story that really stands out is one from our center in Ruiru. I would like to introduce Peter and Veronica.

Long before they joined CFA they both ran normal lives as husband and wife. Sometime in 2012, Veronica, who at the time was employed at a busy hair salon, would fall ill every now and then. In the Bible, when Satan attacked Job, he went straight for everything that mattered to Job. In this case, Satan went straight to Veronica’s only source of income- her salon job.

One morning Veronicah started feeling strange pains in her hands. In a few days, all her ten finger nails had fallen off. She tried to work at the salon but without her nails it was very painful and most of her regular clients were avoiding her. Finally she was laid off and that was the end of the world for her.

After visiting various health facilities, she was advised to take a HIV test as a last resort. Her worst fears were confirmed when she tested positive. All she could think about was what would become of her children and her marriage.

Little did Veronica know that her husband had been living a lie. He had tested positive a year earlier but had kept his status from her. Depression, bitterness, and hatred crept into their home. The children were caught in the middle not knowing what to do. This affected their school and health.

Months went by without any sign of hope until Veronica was introduced to the CARE for AIDS center by a friend. At first she thought CFA was just another NGO that would fleece her out of whatever remained of their lives. But upon arriving at the center on that first day, Esther and Aggrey gave them a warm welcome, and from that point on their lives started to change.

Veronica made a full recovery after she and her husband joined our CFA program, and together they rededicated their lives to God. Now they are thankful and happy that God lead them to CFA when they were at their very point of need. They have since graduated from the program fully empowered to live long, health lives.

Peter and Veronica represent many CFA clients who come in hopeless and desperate only for them to hope again and live to see their children go through school and lead normal lives.

I have come to this understanding; that God is always faithful. He causes all things to work together for good for all that love him.