Meet Beth

When asked what keeps her motivated, Beth Wairimu says, “Faith in God.” It’s a simple answer…but it says so much.

Beth is a widowed mother of three daughters and one son. Her husband died in 2007 from HIV. Following his death, Beth says she knew her risk of infection was high…and, sadly, she was right. But it was a long time before she was able to muster the courage to visit the clinic. She learned that she was HIV positive in February of last year.

“At first, I was afraid of the medication,” she says. “But it wasn’t a shock for me, because I was prepared for it.”

Beth joined the local CARE for AIDS program after a visit from one of the counselors while she was in the hospital. She was intrigued by the information they shared and was encouraged to know that there were others like her hoping to live a healthier life.

“The seminars and food packages are so helpful!” she exclaims excitedly. “And I get to practice beadwork so I can earn a living.”

In addition to the support she receives at CARE for AIDS, Beth has joined a small group in her community with friends who share her interests and her concerns about living with the disease.

“We encourage one another,” she says. “We go and visit each other when things get hard. And now I don’t feel so alone.”

Beth's story is one of 100 stories recorded in the CARE for AIDS coffee table book. Learn more about our 100 Faces project here