This morning's post is from CARE for AIDS Monitoring and Evaluation Coordinator, Patrick Wanyeki. 

George is 42 years old. He led a normal life until one day in 2013 when he returned home from a voluntary counseling center with his HIV status. He disclosed his status to his wife and confronted her because he believed it was her that gave it to him. The next day his wife left him never to be seen again. That was the beginning of George's nightmare.

A few weeks later he started ailing and it was then that he was diagnosed with meningitis. He was in a coma for three months, and when he woke from the coma, he was blind. He was discharged to go and die at home... But! God had other good plans for him.  

Word got to him about one of our CARE for AIDS centers near his home. For weeks He wished that someone would help him get the the center. Finally, someone from his church took him to the center and from then on he was enrolled into the 9-month CFA program in January 2016. Today, George has found a new family at CFA. The center staff there have helped him get access to the government fund for persons living with disabilities. George is set graduate from our CFA center on 2nd November 2016.

George has no sight but he has a vision. God led him to CFA so that we can be his eyes and encourager. To God be the glory.