Orphan Prevention

February 1, 2016

There’s been an increase of orphans in the recent years compared to the earlier days when a child was a society’s responsibility, but I thank God for various interventions that have come up to ensure these children's basic needs are met. It is not the wish of any child to be an orphan and thus it’s the duty of a parent to be there for the child. It is my opinion that a parent should by all means utilize any potential resources at their disposal to fulfill the parental responsibilities to their child.

As a parent, the best way to ensure you can be there for your kids is to watch your health. A healthy parent is more confident in providing and securing a child’s future. Thus, engaging in unhealthy activities should be avoided by a responsible parent. By so doing, a parent with a good health will have a higher chance of living - preventing the child from becoming an orphan.

 Poverty eradication is also a solution to prevention of orphan increase. Many parents, due to lack of employment, get involved in risky and dangerous activities such as crimes to provide for their families.  This dangerous “employment” has led to many parents losing their lives and leaving behind their children as orphans. With creation of job opportunities, many parents’ lives could be saved.

As a new parent, a father of two and of a new other addition soon, I can confidently say that the best person to take care of children is the parents. Regardless of what happens in life, I want to be there for them at all times with all the means. I will fight for them, feed them, educate them and above all teach and train them the ways of God.

As much as it’s the duty of a parent to care for their children, we still have a role to play as a society to support families in whatever way so that children enjoy their rights. A committed and responsible parent should dedicate their lives to their children and be there for them in every step of their lives because these children are blessings.  CARE for AIDS is in this business of helping solve the orphan crisis in the world. Join us in the fight and thanks to many of us who have already accepted this calling thus far.