Life Changing Stories

May 2, 2012

I recently read a book by John Eldridge called “Epic”. What I got from the book is this: God is telling a story in the world and in our lives. It’s an epic story that involves redeeming His people who were lost, healing them and bringing them back to Himself. It’s a beautiful story. Each one of us has a part in that story and we all have our own role to play.

It got me thinking. First, about how blessed I am to be a part of that story along with CFA, seeing God change lives. Second, about how everyone loves powerful stories. Or better yet, how we need moving stories. Maybe it’s the way we are made. We watch movies, read books, and share life with others because great stories inspire us, empower us, and energize us.

Unfortunately, when it comes to work, I sometimes get caught up in the numbers and figures. Don’t get me wrong, statistics and metrics are great tools (and they show that CFA is doing amazing work!). But they are not everything. There must be a personal connection. I think that organizations like CARE for AIDS can’t be evaluated by mere facts alone, you have to know the testimonies of those that have been touched.

I have the fortunate privilege of being on the ground in Kenya, close to the lives being affected every day. And I realize that it is harder to feel the impact for those further away, those who support the ministry and make this all possible. Believe me when I tell you, CARE for AIDS is changing lives. I have seen it myself. CFA is bringing spiritual, social, and emotional rebirth for individuals who thought their lives were over.

I spoke with the Thika and Limuru staff last weekend at the monthly staff meeting and encouraged each counselor to keep record of the success stories they are seeing every day. Together we want to share with you the stories that touch and affect us, the stories that really move us and keep us doing what we do. I want to bring you those stories. I want you to know that the work being done here is not just about the numbers to us. It’s about God’s bigger plan of redemption and salvation. It’s about life change, and every single person counts.

Meet Sharon Anyango Ouma. When she found out her HIV status, she was outcast and alone. While at the CFA program at Nanga Baptist Church, she accepted Jesus as her personal Savior. After being saved, she was baptized in Lake Victoria by Pastor George and joined the church. This is just one of many more stories to come!