Kenyan Wake-up Call

March 21,2012

This is a guest post from Kyle Flora, a current participant on our CARE for AIDS Impact trip to Kenya. Please enjoy his reflections on his first African experience.

As I have begun to learn about Kenya, I am in awe of how God sustains His people. Whether they have little or a lot, He is good and they are grateful.

It is amazing how thankful and in love with the Lord people can be regardless of what they have or may go without. In the Bible when we are told to rejoice in all things it sometimes sounds like good advice but is often left as such. I have gained an immeasurable amount of respect for the African people as I observe them positioning their hearts in line with the complete understanding that God does, in fact, work all things together for good.

I am so humbled and reminded of how unthankful I can be and have been with the provisions I have been blessed with in my daily life. It definitely feels like a word from the Lord to daily align my heart with thanksgiving for what I have been so blessed with versus my occasional thankfulness that is really just conditional.

Psalms 9 talks about being thankful for the good deeds of the Lord. It also reminds us that the needy will not always be forgotten and that the hope of the poor will last forever. I am now a witness that the hope of the poor will last forever and that the needy have not been forgotten.

No experience reminds me of this more than meeting a woman named Philis Auma. This woman is a great example of someone who is thankful with less than pleasant circumstances. Before she became a client with CFA she was bedridden. Through her faith and courage and the help and encouragement she received from CFA, she is now out of bed and almost walking. She is so thankful to be out of bed and counts it a blessing to have what she does while still working hard to continue to be self sustaining. Even though she is not able to walk yet, she is still looked at as being the bread winner for her family. Therefore, even before she gains the strength to walk, she is making plans to start a charcoal business to be the provider for her children. She has unwavering faith and is a wonderful reminder to me of the power of God.

As my heart may cry out on behalf of the poor and needy I can rejoice in the truth that God is good and is above all things; His faithfulness lasts forever.

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