In Her Own Words

May 11, 2012

Recently our Kenyan team had the pleasure of sitting down with Susan, a client at the Gachie center, to hear her story.  Here are some of her experiences, in her own words:

“My name is Susan Wambui. I stay at Gachie, near the health center.  I have been HIV-positive for 13 years. I had gone to the hospital once because I was expectant.  When I was tested, I turned out to be HIV positive, and my husband rejected me.  He said we have to separate. So I went back to my parents home.  After staying there for some time my husband passed on, and when I tried to go there, the relatives would not let me go back.  After two months, my mother also passed on, and so I had many troubles. I suffered so much.

Then I had my baby at the hospital.  When I got my child, children were not being tested, so I just brought him home without knowing anything about his status.  After six years, my child started getting sick.  He knew how to talk by then, and he told me, “I will be healed in Jesus’ name.” So the child continued to stay like that, and even today I came with him to the church, and he is doing well.  He is not taking ARV’s, because he turned negative! 

God is good, because I had just moved to stay in this area.  I found a house, but I did not know where I would get my food.  I did not know anyone in the area, apart from one lady who invited me to this church. When I came to this church, I got a lot of help.  I found I could now get food from the center.  One day I got very sick, and the center workers helped me go to the hospital and I received treatment.  They paid for my treatment, but I am very happy for this program because they then sensitized me and I learned about NHIF.

I registered for NHIF (health insurance) and they paid for me the first three months. After three months, my child was hit by a car. It was a hit and run, so they never helped my child.  So I took my child to Kikuku National Hospital, and we were admitted.  Through NHIF, my bill was paid.  My child had a broken leg and a metal pin was put, but I did not pay anything!

I’m happy with this program, and I pray that this program continues because it is helping many people.  When I came here, I discovered my neighbor who was bedridden, and I came and reported. I got with Sarah, and we came and took that lady to Kikuyu. She was admitted, and because of this program, she was able to come back to her health. So this program has been very helpful.  Even after we graduated in 2011, I went to tell many other people to come here. I always tell people – I talk to them and I tell them what they can do, because now we have this program.  We were helped by this program.

Before, people would hide their status so they didn’t know, but now I can see people coming out.  We are able to reach to many other people.  After we taught them, they also started coming up and teaching others.  God is so good.  I thank all those who sat down and came up with such a program, because they did something unique and something great.  I want to tell them, God will bless them, because God loves those who help others.  They should continue to trust God, and even when they go through hard times, they should thank God for the good things he has done, and God will remember them.

There are so many things in this world, but when we trust God he gives us victory.  I know God is faithful!”

Praise the Lord for Susan’s testimony, and for the hundreds of other families that are growing, learning, and rising up with hope!  Thank you for your continued prayers and support of this ministry – none of this would be possible without you!