“What God Can Do, No Man Can Do”

March 1, 2012

CARE for AIDS has decided to recently extend to the Eastland’s of Nairobi to a place known as Kayole. Here, we have entered into partnership with a church called Redeemed Gospel Church, under the leadership of Rev. Samson Mungai and Pastor James Mathike.

During the recruitment of the eighty clients whom we need for the maximum operation of a particular center, the two center staff, Jennifer and James, met a young lady by the name Monica Murunga. She is a Maasai lady married to a Luo man (these are two different tribes) from Nyanza by the name Murunga. Her husband works in Meru, a few hours away, where he lives during the week and comes home often on the weekends to Kayole where Monica lives with their two boys, Jeremy and Chelsea. When the workers found her, she was in bed, very weak and in fact her hope had just gone out of the door.

When she was tested and found to be positive, she could not believe it, but then with the help of the two staff, she gathered the courage she had to face life ahead of her. She accepted the situation and resolved to take all the advice she got both from the two center staff and the medical institution she goes to, to get her medication. But to those who saw her, all they could say about her in low tones, was that she was headed for the grave.  Even though it is likely he brought the virus to her, her husband has refused to accept the status and get tested himself and is living in denial that it cannot be true.

Despite everything, this lady with a smile on her face was able to narrate to the whole audience gathered at the Redeemed Gospel Church on February 1st during their graduation through a poem, that indeed with God all things are possible. Monica said, “The ability to make a difference is not with other people but rather it is with you as an individual.”

I think the resolution you make with yourself is what will get you up and going. Her resolution is given more impetus by the fact that she wants to see her two boys grow to adults. It was quite impressive when she recited the poem about HIV/AIDS, stating that the ill motives of those who thought the disease was taking her to the grave has been turned around. She is now headed for even greater things and she looks more beautiful than ever before.

Her plea, even as she receives from me her certificate for having successful completed all the trainings with CFA, is that other people do not wait until the 11th hour to access the help that is readily available.   Monica says:

“Please come out, because it is only then that you will be able to get help! CFA would have not come at any better time than when it did, and through the food provisions and the word of God, I can say with a lot of confidence that now I have my life back. It is true from John 10:10b, ‘I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.’ Christ has given us that life, through the partnership of CFA and Redeemed Gospel Church Kayole, and I want to have it to the full. God blessing be upon you all as you continue to empower and transform lives of other Kenyans, Amen.”

Monica receives her certificate from Duncan

Monica receives her certificate from Duncan

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