Six Months of Blogging

February 20, 2012

It’s been just over six months since this blog got rolling, and a lot has happened in that time!  Justin and I traveled around America with Cornel and Duncan, sharing about CARE for AIDS in 6 different states.  Caleb got married, expanded the Kenyan team, and hosted several groups of intrepid travelers from the States.  Personally, my wife Jane and I started our newest phase of life in Winston Salem and celebrated our first holiday season as a married couple!

We also got a puppy who, as you can see, loves CARE for AIDS!  (See how I slipped that in there?)

Moose shows off his affection for CFA!

Moose shows off his affection for CFA!

In addition to all these stories, this blog has been a way for us to share what God has been teaching each of us, the amazing things He is accomplishing through CARE for AIDS, and the challenges that we’ve been exposed to through our work in Kenya and the US.  Here are some of the posts from the first 6 months that we think are especially meaningful – if you missed them, now is a great time to catch up!  If they make you think, then leave a comment and let us know (or just leave a message for Moose)…

1,000 Lives – A Mountaintop Experience – Justin celebrates the 1000th client to graduate from CFA and draws parallels to climbing Kilimanjaro.

Living Hope – Duncan relates an amazing story of transformation in one of the Kenyan families through a CFA center.

My Journey – Cornel shares what it was like growing up surrounded by HIV/AIDS and how CFA came to be.

Poverty?  – Nick helps us to understand the real definition of poverty, which is more complex than we usually think.

A Night with a Pumpkin – Duncan provides an incredibly challenging reflection on an American Halloween tradition.

Empowering Dreams – Caleb invites us to examine our dreams for the future and help others pursue their own.


Thanks so much for being a part of this journey with all of us!