Open Gates in Kisumu

March 29, 2012

I have a confession to make: this is my third year in Kisumu, and for some time I thought I was working in an island.  I am saying so because there were not many guests visiting these sides of the country.  In my tribe we believe that a home that does not receive many guests is either cursed or something else is wrong with it.  Good news!  I will not pout anymore because Kisumu is now very busy.

The team from Brainerd Baptist in Chattanooga left Kisumu last month and a group of couples from Charlotte followed them this month.  Nick, who is one of us, led this group of people with his wife, parents and their long-time family friends.  Their visit was very special, because my daughter Sherry, who is named after Nick’s mom, met her namesake for the first time.  The Thompson’s also had a special opportunity to visit the centers for a second time.

Nick’s group left on Saturday the 17th and immediately Justin’s team arrived on Sunday the 18th.   What a blessing to have one group of guests after the other in Kisumu!  Justin’s group was also unique in a way.  It was composed of those who visited Kisumu for the first time and those who were coming to wed in Kenya.  What made it more unique was the fact that they were both Americans wedding in Kenya and were married by a Kenyan pastor, who happens to be the author of this blog. What a blessing to both parties.  I will not mention the names because I want my readers to develop an appetite to find more by themselves in our blogs.  I don’t want to spoon feed you…

In my last blog I only talked about the Brainerd Baptist group.  This time the last two groups also did wonders.  We are South Africa very happy that casino they came casino . Let me mention some of the wakes they left behind:

  1. The entire clients in Kisumu were encouraged and appreciated in one way or the other.
  2. The entire staffs were treated as kings and queens, in fact it was sealed in their hearts that there are people out there who appreciate their work and pray for them daily.
  3. A very poor widow whose house fell down will have a decent house soon.
  4. A church will be painted soon.
  5. Two orphans will report back to school after being sent away from school for lack of school fees.
  6. There was also a very big party for all the CFA stakeholders in Kisumu.

Unfortunately, the party left the following losses in Kisumu:

  1. So many goats were slaughtered.
  2. Many chickens were killed.
  3. Uncountable vegetables were uprooted.
  4. The big fishes (Tilapia) were murdered in cold blood.

There were so many animals lost that I cannot count them all!  But, besides all the above losses, my dog is now very happy. She is now fat, and the ribs are now hidden behind the flesh, so their coming was not only appreciated by man but by my dog too.

I welcome impact teams to Kisumu with all my heart, and I would like enlighten you that there are so many other open doors in Kisumu.   Be creative and think of one.  I will give a little hint.  A group of fathers can come with their sons or moms can come with their daughters.  The other alternative is to come visit our beautiful sceneries like our national park or Lake Victoria (which is the second widest fresh water lake in the world after Lake Superior).

The doors and gates of CFA are wide open in Kisumu, and you are welcome to make Kisumu a busy place!

For more info on traveling to Kenya with CARE for AIDS, see the Impact Trip pagehere