Brainerd visit

February 16, 2012


They came and left a mark.  It is a paradigm shift. Normally teams come to Nairobi and would not reach Kisumu.  I guess it is because of a number of reasons.  It is very warm over here and there are not many air conditions around.  Kisumu is also the headquarter for the mosquitoes and the road leading to kisumu is not very pleasing because it is under repair.  It may force you to fly if you do not want to spend many hours on the road and this makes it an expensive mission.

Despite all the barriers, Brainerd Baptist was still determined to send missionaries.  They missionaries because all the factors above were like nothing to them.  They came and none of them was affected in anyway. Not even mosquito bite.  The heat in Kisumu was nothing to them but a reflection of Gods glory.  They are the first team/Church to come out here for missions with CARE for AIDS.  I owe them a lot of respect but glory to God.  Because they came, they left a mark in different people’s lives.  I will mention just but a few of them.

  1.  They left a mark in some of the clients’ life.  At first the clients thought they were only loved by us the CARE for AIDS staff, but right now they know that they are loved globally by people who are very different from them, and because of that they see something that only God can do.  These are people who were once rejected by close friends and family members because of their conditions.
  2. CARE for AIDS staff and the partnering churches are the second group that was marveled by the encouragement from the team.  I still receive some report s and this is what most of them tell me; “Cornel, kindly call them back.”  I think by quoting that the, team would be able to hear from the horse mouth.
  3. The children were not left out.  I was impressed when I went back to the village, the parents were happy about what happened to their children because they could not stop telling what happened to them at the church, they remember the lessons, the games, the balloons and the sweeties.  I am sure the Bible stories will stick into their minds for good.
  4. Thank you the team for training the Sunday school teachers.  This will go along way because you trained people who will in return train others.  To show they appreciated, they all applied the techniques they were taught by the team on the first Sunday after the seminar.
  5. I will not forget the church the team attended (Nyalenda Baptist).  They want the team back any time.  They said that they trusted the team with their pulpit and they did justice.  They said any time the team is back, they will allow them to use their pulpit again.

Kisumu is very ripe for missions.  Jesus would say “The harvest is plentiful but the workers are few”.  I appeal to everyone to come.  I will kill all the mosquitoes, cover the sun with a blanket and I will repair all the roads. Come!