As a Family

January 12, 2015

In 2010, Moses was diagnosed with HIV. On the same day, he discovered he also had tuberculosis.

A husband and father to two young sons, Moses was paralyzed by the thought of sharing his diagnosis with his family. Less than a year later, Moses entered the CARE for AIDS program and learned that he was not alone.

“I told my wife,” he says, “and then I told neighbors and friends…my children still didn’t know why I was sick, but I learned how to interact with them in a better way.”

In a sad turn of events, Moses learned that his wife, Millicent, was also HIV positive. But, thankfully, she was able to participate in the program as well and start on the regimen necessary to properly treat the disease.

“We have learned about positive living through the program,” Moses says proudly. “Positive living is accepting your status, taking medication, and getting proper nutrition. And now I know how to be a responsible father and build healthy relationships with my neighbors.”

Today, Moses has learned how to budget his finances and save his money in case of unexpected hospital bills or other expenses. He’s also opened a youth bank account in order to save for his children.

“I was weak before I entered the program, and I shied away from working,” Moses continues. “But now I know the joy of an intimate relationship with Jesus. My wife is a hard-working woman, and she loves God, too. He is our motivation to keep going.”

“Whatever we do,” Millicent adds, “we do as a family.”