When God Breaks Your Heart

The following is a guest post by Michelle Slatton.  Michelle is a member of the CARE for AIDS board and a designer in Bay Village, Ohio.  Please enjoy this post in response to her weekend with Cornel and Duncan, the Kenyan Directors of CARE for AIDS:

Do you let God break your heart?

This weekend God broke my heart again…

I have spent countless hours of my life trying to to keep my heart from being broken, then every once in awhile I allow God the honor of piercing my heart with something that means so much to him. Two years ago, I unsuspectingly handed the Lord my heart on a silver platter and He gave me a passion for CARE for AIDS. It began as an appreciation for the entrepreneurial spirit of a few young men, but then I learned more and I felt a passion for the Kenyans they were serving, for the amazing model of ministry, and for the message of hope. I was slightly in shock as to where the Lord was taking my heart. Yet each time I heard stories of the CFA clients my heart was drawn in again; any attempt at keeping my heart whole was ripped away.

This weekend my family had the honor of hosting Duncan & Cornel in our home in Bay Village, Ohio. We were so excited to connect with these men… to experience their passion, to hear how God was working in their lives… to know them.

I learned a few things over the last few days…

1. Cornel and Duncan’s love for the Lord and their fellow Kenyans is contagious and bubbles up out of them… they have left their families for a month to travel throughout the Unites States on behalf of CFA

2. They are intrigued by our lives here in the land of abundance, but they love their own lives in Kenya.

3. I did not receive a proper Kenyan dowry when my daughter got married this summer…I was supposed to receive a few cows at least!

4. My younger daughter would be highly sought after in Kenya as a wife because of her amazing cooking skills!

5. Kenyans do not celebrate Halloween and wonder about our tradition of hanging skeletons in our trees.  After a pensive moment in the car, Cornel said with confusion, “I’ve seen something, and I don’t know if it’s a decoration – ahuman skeleton!

6. Kenyans do not eat sweets, but Duncan & Cornel are learning to appreciate Chess pie!

7. They expected to see snow but were satisfied to see our beautiful fall color!

Though we did not get to go apple picking (which means Duncan and Cornel will have to return to Bay Village), the visit was a wonderful experience, and I feel as if I have I made great new friends. Even better, God broke my heart again for CFA.  Through their stories, my passion grew stronger, and my desire for everyone to have an opportunity to connect with CFA became even greater.

What is God breaking your heart for?