New Seasons

We don’t even realize we miss things.  While in Kenya for the past two years, I didn’t think about the fact that I was missing several of the seasons we grow accustomed to in the States.  I had the “dry” season and the “rainy” season, along with some quick winters and summers during visits to the US, but I completely skipped Fall and Spring.

This started to register over the past month through a process of joyful rediscovery.  The chill in the morning air, going for a run with a sweatshirt on – little things like these keep making me REALLY happy!  But the thing that is blowing my mind more than anything else is the changing of the leaves.  Driving back and forth through West Virginia this week, I was absolutely amazed by the beauty of the Appalachians changing colors.  Just tonight, the fading sunlight on the orange-yellow-brown-red-green hills almost took my breath away!

As I was thinking through this “new” observation, Cornel and Duncan put it in a whole new perspective.  We spent several days in Ohio, and they couldn’t stop talking about the leaves changing colors and falling off the trees.  They’ve NEVER seen leaves fall off of trees before, and they are fascinated by the whole idea.  The whole time I was in Kenya, I kept wondering why they never got excited about a giraffe by the road or an acacia tree, but now I understand.  The things that are normal to them (elephants?), are really exciting to an American like me.  At the same time, the things that are normal to us (naked trees?), are completely foreign to a Kenyan!

What are the things you don’t ever consciously think about, but would miss if they were gone?  What about things you take for granted, but someone from another part of the world would find amazing?  Where are you looking past incredible beauty in your life every day?  I bet you have all these things – leave us a comment and share!