From Faith to Action

The devastating impact of HIV/AIDS presents us with one of the greatest moral challenges of our time. With compassion, hope and courage,  CARE for AIDS has taken the lead role in supporting the growing number of families made vulnerable by HIV/AIDS in sub-Sahara Africa. People of faith around the world have the opportunity to act on their beliefs and to respond.

Investing in the lives of men and women with AIDS is one of the most powerful ways that an individual can make a difference in the lives of suffering families and in the response to HIV/AIDS.

Invitation:  Cornel and l are taking an 8,000 mile trip to help Americans see and understand the impact which has been created by HIV/AIDS in Africa.It’s overwhelming, but it is far from hopeless. There are many ways for donors to make a difference. Pray with us as we prepare on catching a plane this Friday as we trust you will join us at one of our events in the next 21 days journey at your door step.

PS. If you want to find me while I am in the States, just go to your nearest Chick-fil-A!