Coming to Proclaim

It is another golden opportunity to share with the Americans what God has been doing here in Kenya.  I have witnessed lives being turned around, prostitutes turning to evangelists, people at the verge of death resurrecting to life again, and people who had lost hope  are now excited about life again.   God is changing lives in Kenya!

I am also excited about our visit this October; we are looking forward to connecting with our old friends and making new ones.  Not forgetting the foods at Chick-Fil-A, Waffle House, the Wendi’s and others.  PLEASE, AMERICA, WAIT FOR US. WE ARE COMING BACK! I also want to go back to Walmart.

Last summer when we visited, we had a lot of fun.  The families were very receptive to us.  A lot of people opened their homes for us.   We were also welcome in various churches and they allowed us to use their pulpit to talk about CARE for AIDS, which is something I did not expect.  Others organized dinners where we were able to talk to a lot of people.  Because of all that, a lot of people were able to hear about CFA.  Some have been able to come to Kenya to see for themselves what is happening.  I will not forget the many people who signed up to support CFA. Thank you so much for that.  We are coming back to show you how you have been able to change lives of our fellow Kenyans.  I can’t wait to share!