Back From America

Its good to be back home from America, and thanks to my dear wife who spent sleepless nights wondering how I was, and even making an extra effort of calling me almost every day! When I got home, it was time to be honest with her when she asked me the question, “how is America?”  I told her that when I was in America, we had a lot of fun: eating very sumptuous meals, meeting with great people, enjoying the nice roads they have in America, and staying with wonderful families (who, given a chance, would adopt a 31 year old and married African child).  We also had fun traveling up on the air – in Kenya we use matatus, and for a Kenyan our travel in America can only be pictured by the old American movies that we watch here at home.

I thought I had given my best great answer when my wife said, “really????  That sounds lots of fun!”  She was surprised as she was recalling the many nights she called me and I was seated in a Chick-fil- A somewhere enjoying my spicy chicken sandwich and a big cup of sweet tea. Other times I would be in a waffle house or a McDonald’s enjoying my burgers.  Little did l remember that whenever my wife called, I could answer back with a tone of someone who isn’t happy or needed to be home yesterday.  I could tell her how tired I was of traveling and talking, of how cold Cleveland Ohio was, and of how these dogs bothered me while in people’s houses (she was like what? They keep dogs inside their house?? And I would say yeah, they have equal rights with human beings and she couldn’t imagine that!).  I am saying this to let you know how much l felt for my wife, being away from her for the first time after six months of marriage.  I didn’t want her to think I was having a good time!

Friends, its good to be home with my wife. During one of the blogs written earlier by my friend Cornel, he mentioned  seeing the doctor for the first time in his life. That was true, and in fact he was in great pains.  Believe me or not, Cornel became well after seeing the doctor and never took even a single pill – I am thinking seeing is believing, and he has been well.

But now we are back in Kenya, and we need your prayers.  Many prayed for Cornel’s daughter Sherry, who is one and a half and was too sick while the father was 8,000 miles away.  Cornel’s wife had to spent sleepless nights in the hands of wicked Kenyan doctors who treat everything as Malaria, but thank God we are back home and Sherry is healed.  Cornel’s son Justin too fell sick when the dad got home and is now under medication, and it’s sad to say I had to travel to Kisumu this week to be with this family after Cornel called me and said that his wife lrene too was admitted in the hospital. I got to Kisumu six hours away from Nairobi, and it is good to get to spend some time with this family. Cornel too was diagnose with malaria – this tells you that the whole family has been ill and they all need your prayers.

The devil is a liar, and I ask all our prayer warriors this week to focus on praying for Cornel’s family that God will grant them quick recovery and restore their health.  Please continue encouraging him, and we will pray that all will be well!