As I said before, I am on a trip to America. I am extremely having fun in so many ways! Today i will mention them in points:

  1. I miss my wife so much, but at the same time I am happy that for three weeks I will dress the way I want. Normally she decides, and I do it – those who are married know what I am talking about.
  2. It was not a good thing that I fell sick in America, but at the same time I am happy about it because for the first time in my life history- I mean over 30 years – I got to be attended to by a real doctor. In Kenya, doctors are meant for the upper class and I am not yet there. I saw my body in a computer, a miracle! Oxygen was inserted in my nose – unbelievable! And so many other things. I was handled as a patient for the first time. God is good
  3. In this trip, I visited Ohio for the first time. In Ohio, I saw trees changing colours more than anywhere else. It is in this town that I also met a family that lives like Kenyans. For security reasons I will not name names. But as a typical Kenyan I have always believed that all girls should be taught how to cook by the mothers. Do not think that I am a woman chauvinist, but I was also taught that men should provide for their families. Our cultures are different, and I will have to accept that hard truth. Maybe the problem is me.
  4. I love coming to America during this time of the year mainly because the weather is perfect. At the same time, I have to discover that Americans are addicted to air conditioning. They will always have it either in the house or in the car no matter what. I have always thought that the air conditioner should be on when there are two extremes, either when it is too cold or when it is too hot. Well, they have it all the times, again maybe the problem is me?

Apart from all the negative things I have said about the Americans, there are two things I have concluded about them. They are generous and they are welcoming. CFA is where it is because of them. I have always wondered where would CFA be if there were no Americans? It was only a dream. Thank God for you Americans who have always supported us and welcomed us into your homes. Some of the people are even giving more than they gave last year. You are always teaching me a lesson. I will continue to thank God for you.