A Night With A Pumpkin

We had to curve a pumpkin, for the first time in our lives.  I was used to cutting them for food, but this time for HALLOWEEN.

Ironically, we left Kenya at a time when there was heavy drought, and many folks especially in the north of Kenya were starving.  We got to the US and found one of our traditional meals was being displayed everywhere, be it on the streets or at people’s homes all over the places we visited. Wow, what amount of food everywhere, and l was asking, “what’s special about the pumpkins?” only to be told it was all about the festivity event, Halloween.

You know what, my thinking has been if there was a way to ship all these pumpkins to Kenya, the 1000 families that we serve would go with a meal for months, if not years.  I tell you guys, a pumpkin when l was growing up was a complete meal for a family of seven and that would mean having some extra for breakfast for whoever gets up early. So, we are in this pumpkin country, and I am wondering, “when are we having the feast?”  The common response has been, “we are getting Duncan and Cornel some tools to curve the pumpkins!”  In Kenya it would be for a meal!

It’s only a couple of days before the real day, and l cannot wait to fill up my bags with pumpkins on my way back to Kenya.  This is in hopes I will trick my friends not to carve any more pumpkins, so l can have my treat to carry home.  I’m not very sure how my tricks will work, but the treat will be definite – Kenyans will appreciate the pumpkins. I am sitting here thinking next year when Cornel and I visit the States, the treat will be for every family to donate a pumpkin to a Kenyan family as a part of our fund-raising!

Our time in America has been a great treat as we moved all over place, and getting to see all these pumpkins has been an adventure. Next time you are in Kenya, l will make sure you cut one for dinner…