A New Perspective

While preparing dinner at a client’s home, I was talking to a member of the Vision Trip about what I do and why I am here. I found myself saying how much I love my job. I have the privilege of being a part of an incredible organization and ministry every day. And, without a doubt, the best part of my job is helping with Vision Trip teams.

There are several reasons that I love having teams here in Kenya. First, I love spending time with new visitors and getting to know them. They are a huge source of energy and encouragement for me. Second, I love the change of pace and variety of events. I get to visit clients’ homes, help with VBS’s, and attend Sunday services at our partner churches. However, what I love the most is the opportunity to re-experience the vision and impact of CFA through the eyes of each team.

Each group is unique. They relate to each other differently. They experience their time in Kenya differently. They see different things, ask different questions, and process what they are learning differently. It is through that unique lens that I am able to re-discover the impact CFA is having in Kenya. During the last few days, I have been able to see Kenya through their eyes. This fresh perspective ignites a new passion into my work. I see the visitors connect with the clients deeply, and I realize the importance of making a difference in just one person’s life.

On Sunday, we were able to worship at our partner church in Kawangware. The worship was energizing, and Cornel was able to deliver a powerful message about living with an eternal perspective. One of the greatest parts of the service was at the beginning. The pastor asked for new attendees to stand up and introduce themselves. As people stood up and introduced themselves, we realized that several of them were clients from our program. One of them came from a Muslim family. Those clients had decided, because of the program, to give God a try and not give up on life. It was then that I realized, with a new perspective, how big of an impact CARE for AIDS really is having on individuals and churches in Kenya. That is why I love my job.