What Am I thankful for?

November 2013

I love Thanksgiving for several reasons. Besides the food, family and friends, I love that it brings a new perspective to our lives, even if for just a few days. For those of us that live mostly seeing the glass half empty, Thanksgiving gives us an opportunity to see the glass half full. How many of us spend out lives thinking about what we don’t have, or what we want to achieve next? Very seldom to we sit down and think of all the good things we have and what God has already allowed us to do.

So, as my time with CARE for AIDS is coming to an end, I am choosing to sped my Thanksgiving being grateful for what CARE for AIDS has meant to me. Here are three reasons why I am most grateful for CFA in my life:

  1. A focused ministry that is changing lives. I love that CFA has found a ministry niche no one else is doing, and is doing it well. It is a ministry that is Christ-centered and effective. Many Christian non-profits are not making the good news of Jesus Christ at the center of their work. I am humbles and grateful to be a part of Gospel-centered life change.
  2. Incredible staff. If you don’t know the staff personally, then get over to Kenya to meet them! I guarantee you will not only be impressed, but you will spend 25 percent of your time laughing. I don’t take for granted the staff that we have on our team, and I praise God I have been able to work with incredibly talented and passionate men and women.
  3. Meaningful work. This may sound like number 1, but being a part of a great ministry does not always mean you are personally fulfilled. I love my role and what I have been able to accomplish that last few years. I could not have asked for more fulfilling and challenging work with CFA.

As Molly said in her blog, perspective often brings gratitude. We must remember this perspective is not about comparing what we have to others. Rather, it’s a perspective of knowing and valuing what is truly important in life. Thankfulness reveals our heart’s treasures. I am constantly amazed at the joy that I see in some client’s lives, especially those who know Christ. I believe this is a direct result of their proper perspective, valuing what is most important in life. How else can you explain clients who live on a few dollars a day who are more joyful than millionaires in the US? At the end of the day, people are thankful for what brings them joy and satisfaction. If we know Christ, we should be grateful for Him far beyond everything else. After all, it is from this relationship that true joy and satisfaction flow.