A week in pictures

June 2013 

The last five days in Kenya have been exhausting but unforgettable. We have been hosting an incredible team from Student Leadership University. They have served tirelessly and have left an incredible mark on all they came in contact with. I wanted to share a few pictures with you that capture a few key moments of the week!

Sunday morning started with an energetic worship service at Kiganjo Deliverance Church.

Sarah sharing the Gospel with a captive audience of Kenyan children.

The more than 200 students that we got to spend the day with. They blessed us with their incredible joy!

Over 100 of our former clients joined us for a day of training. This group represented four years of CARE for AIDS graduates. I got to see some old friends that I hadn’t seen in years. Remember Margaret? Each of these individuals lead a support group of our graduates. They were so eager to learn how to better facilitate these small groups, so they could continue to find emotional support, spiritual growth, and economic success.

Our trainings were led by three incredible women who have been working in Christian counseling for many years. They taught our clients and staff how to be the best counselors that they possibly can. I learned that the the key to counseling, reduced to its simplest form, is to be curious and humble. I think that is pretty good advice for our lives as well!

Dr. Jay Strack, a long time mentor and friend, was kind enough to teach our staff the best practices of effective teams.