The Old Is Gone the new has come

March 2014

*This morning’s post is the story of a client from the perspective of Kisumu Regional Coordinator, Geofrey Otieno.

Victornine was thin and meek when she first entered the CARE for AIDS center in Kisumu, and her counselors struggled to get her to open up about her status and home life. She was always quiet, and kept her head down when she came to the center for counseling sessions and seminars. She rarely responded to any questions with more than a nod of the head, and she visibly carried a pain that aged her face and countenance.

A few months into the program, Victorine confided in her spiritual counselor that her husband was an alcoholic, and had recently threatened to kill both her and her children during one of his drunken episodes. As she cried and told Denis about her home life, her countenance began to shift from burdened to relieved. Denis shared with her that there was hope, both for her and her husband. Victorine accepted the Gospel that afternoon and left the center with a renewed sense of purpose and strength.

Months later, Victorine graduated from the program and her husband timidly inquired about becoming a part of the next round of clients. The change in his wife’s life had been so evident, he said, that he had to see the cause…

Victorine’s one-year follow up was in March of this year, and it was remarkable to see the family. Her husband, who had just one year earlier been threatening to kill her, had accepted Christ and was working to earn money to support his family. Their children were talkative during the follow up, and were eager to share about their school and classes. Evangeline looked younger than she had when she first started the program, and had a confidence and presence that was altogether different from her meek sadness one year earlier. We know that when someone accepts Christ that the old is gone and then new has come, but it never ceases to be a miracle.

Victorine is now a community health worker with another organization and she teaches her community about HIV prevention and management.