Thankful Part 2

November 2013

As you can tell from Monday’s post, we are focusing in this week and next week on gratefulness.  This morning, I want to take a few moments to tell you all how thankful we are for YOU! Without the prayers and commitments of our supporters, this ministry would not survive. You are all the foundation that makes it possible for our work in Kenya to be done.  And we aren’t the only ones who are thankful- below is a letter from a client’s child:

Hallo, my name in Lucy.  I come from Limuru, Kenya.  I live with my mother and father.  My fathers name is called George.  My mom name is Jane.  I love my parents very much. Thy pay for my school fees. I am 12 years old, I have one sister, her name is Penina.  I am in class 4. I thank Kamirithu church (center) as my mom used to go there. She brought rice, beans and soap to wash with. Now she is well!  She teaches us to pray and go to church. I thank you all for teaching my mother and my father how to plant tomatoes in our garden. My father is now working in our garden and goes to market to sell tomatoes and pay for our school fees and buys food for us.  God bless you all. 

Yours faithfully, 


There you have it- the purest version of what you make possible as our supporters.  Because of you, a 12 year old girl is living with her healthy parents, who can care for her and send her to school thanks to the skills they learned in the program.  This morning, I thank God for Lucy and her family, and I thank God for you!!