Thank You Prayer Team

September 2013

My aim for this post is not so much a typical blog, but more of a thank you. I realize that many who follow this blog and get monthly updates from CFA are dedicated prayer warriors. I’ve even had the privilege of meeting many of you on Impact Trips.

I am personally challenged when I hear about the dedicated prayer team that CFA has in the US. I am amazed at the time and commitment that is given to prayer. I often find myself giving minimal time to prayer, thinking that physical action is more worth the time, or that there is no point to prayer if God is already aware. But seeing God work through the CFA prayer team in the States has helped me see that prayer is incredibly effective, and that God surely does listen to his children’s prayers. Prayer is not bringing something new to God’s attention, but rather joining us into a bigger story that is already going on, one that God is telling.

I realize that many who pray for the staff and clients in Kenya do not see and hear every detail of good news happening on the ground. Each month, I sift through prayer requests from every region. Let me tell you that the needs are many and they are very real. Even more so, I am fortunate to hear the updates and progress of these prayer requests.

I would like to testify that God is working and answering your prayers. Among many things, school fees are being provided for, people are being healed from sicknesses, families are being reunited, people are accepting Christ, and lives are being changed!

So, on behalf of clients who have been prayed for and on behalf of the staff and myself, I want to say THANK YOU! You may never know the extent of your prayers, but please be encouraged that God is certainly changing lives through your prayers.