Strength To Face Tomorrow

October 2014

“When one has hope, you have strength, even to face tomorrow”, Michael says with a smile. Michael and his Wife Winnie are both HIV positive, but their lives were not always filled with the hope to see tomorrow.

“When I found my HIV status, I had no hope for my family, even for my people. I was so worried – who will take care of my children? As for me and my wife, I knew we would be dying very soon.” Michael and Winnie’s greatest fear was that they would leave their four young children as orphans. This fear of death consumed Michael’s life, until he found CARE for AIDS.

While in the CARE for AIDS program, Michael learned how to manage his disease and found that he could learn marketable skills and provide for his family.

“CARE for AIDS has brought me from one valley to the other- in the first valley, there was death. In the second valley, there is life, there is future, and there is hope.”

Today, Michael makes paper beads, bags and sandals that he and Winnie sell in their shop. Together, they work to provide for their children and pay school fees. They are hopeful that their children will be able to pursue higher education. Today, instead of fearing death, Michael and Winnie are confident that they will live to raise their children into healthy, thriving adults.

“I love my children so much,” Michael says “We will live to see them grow big, even have families of their own. CARE for AIDS has changed our life”.