Springs of Life

June 2013

I always love to hear from pastor Joshua the story behind their church- Manyatta African Inland Church (AIC).  This church is the newest in Kisumu region.  It is only one month old since we opened it officially.

Pastor Joshua will always share with any guest visiting the dark past of the location where the church is situated.  The place was very busy.  It was mainly used by the thugs in the slum for two main purposes: to hide and to dump the dead bodies they had killed.  The pastor did not like that.  He prayed to God about it and God assured him that the place will no longer be for the dead but SPRINGS OF LIFE.  The pastor wanted the people walking out of this place to have life, and the best way to do it is by starting a church in the same spot.  They bought the land, cleared the ground, and started the church there in 2006.

When he heard the news about CFA, he did not stop bothering me about partnering with them.  He wanted the people rejected (dead in spirit) because of HIV to receive life from this place because it is in line with his vision for the place.

On the day after Justin assured me that there was enough money to start a new center, I drove the pastor to two of the existing centers.  After the end of the trip, I could see tears rolling from his eyes.  Back at my office I asked him: “Pastor, what can I do for you?” “What I have seen is always what I have wanted for my church,” he said. “Please come to my church so that we can do this together,” he added.  Thank God it was the right timing. The program was then launched officially last month.

One of his main goals is to see sad people walk out of the church happy and smiling.  One day he came to the church during a center day when our center staff were conducting a one-on-one counseling.  He was a happy man to see his dreams come true.  Almost all the clients were walking to the church door very sad, but by the time they were walking out, they were happyand smiling.  This prompted him to invite the committee members to come and share with him this happiness.  The next center visit, the four committee members were seated with him at a strategic place watching the clients walking in and out one by one.  They were surprised to see close to 40 clients walk out of the church smiling and very jovial. 

There was just one concern from a committee member.  He wanted to know whya client came to the center drunk.  The pastor then went to the office and pulled out a brochure that talks about the church aim.  He took the opportunity to teach them that the church exists to give love, among other things, to all regardless of who they were or where they came from.

I am a happy person too, because I am a witness of what God is doing in this community.  A lot of lives have been changed within this short time and smile has been put in so many faces.  Just today at a seminar one lady just gave her live to Christ.  It has just been one month. How much more will the Lord do in these eight remaining month?