Reach Out Your Hands

May 2013

Connection is an important part of being human. It’s been shown that babies, who are withheld from their caretakers, actually physically ail and lose the strength to live.  When we touch, physically and emotionally care for one another, there is something biological and spiritual that takes place.

That is one of the reasons HIV/AIDS so thoroughly affects our clients. The stigma that surrounds the disease creates a fear that renders so many of our clients “untouchables” in their society. Friends and family avoid them. The community ostracizes them, often refusing to do business with them. There is a lot of shame attached. And, worst of all, that shame prevents connection. So many of our clients lose the relationship and love in their lives, feeling alone and abandoned.

Our CARE for AIDS counselors spend their time encouraging, educating, and visiting clients, so many of whom may not have any other visitors. They show the love of Jesus by touching these people and meeting them where they are. This defeats the stigma and shame and returns connection. And, this connection gives strength to those fighting for their lives and families.

Who can you connect with to strengthen them in their daily battle?

What connection are you thankful for in your own life?