October 2014

Paul came to the CARE for AIDS center in Kariobangi this June during recruitment. He has known about his HIV status since 2011, and was eager to receive help from the CARE for AIDS program. Paul is a widower, and is caring for his four young children- the youngest of which has a severe heart defect. Paul and his children live in a small home in the slums of Kariobangi, and he works at a shoe repair shop, a job where he earns about a dollar per day.

When Paul first came to the center in June, he was visibly weak and exhausted. After nearly three months in the program, however, his health has already visibly improved. He gains strength from the community he has found with the 79 other clients, and he has realized that he is not alone. Even this early in the program, Paul says that his life will never be the same. He is optimistic that his health will continue to improve, and he is already brainstorming new ways he can use his business skills to provide for his four children. Pray with us as Paul and his 79 classmates continue in the program at Kariobangi, one of out newest centers. It is so encouraging for us to see changes happening in clients over time, and we love giving you a glance inside the program whenever we can!

Stay tuned for updates on Paul as he progresses through his nine months with CARE for AIDS.