Opening Up Kisumu

June 2013

Just want to let all of you know that God has been gracious to us so much in Kisumu.  Three years ago, I did not know that we would be where we are today.  From one center to six centers today and the seventh one is coming soon in two months.  It is my joy because we are spreading our nets wider to reach many clients.  From 80 clients to 480 clients that we are caring for today and soon we are getting to 560 clients.   This means we are ministering to over 2,000 families in Kisumu alone!

Many life’s have been transformed and many more are still being transformed.  Many people have given their lives to Christ.  Over 271 people. We are now reaching the two major slums of Kisumu (Nyalenda and Manyatta).

Many more teams are liking it here. This week we hosted impact team from America with most of them from Virginia.  They managed to minister to clients at the centers, visited them in their homes, and cooked for them in their homes. What a joy to share the same meal together. I was particularly moved when the impact team cooked for our client Millicent.  She was recently abandoned by her husband.  It was just three days after she was discharged from the hospital.  She had nothing to eat except what we provide from the center.  Her four children dropped out of school for lack of school fees.  Despite all these she was able to smile because TRUE brothers and sisters in Christ loved her and cooked for her in her own humble house.  She did not imagine a “Mzungu” (the name for white person in Swahili) to be cooking for her.  She viewed white people as rich people who only come to Kenya for holiday and can only stay in a five star hotel.  Millicent realized that some people still love her unconditionally.

Despite the sad stories, there was some joy at the end.  The team managed to take a boat ride at our beautiful lake which has a very rich history.  It is the second largest fresh water lake in the world after lake superior.  Lake Victoria is the source of river Nile and it is shared among 3 countries Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania.  In a tiny boat they managed to see some Hippopotamus and have a good view of the lake.

We are so thankful for all the work God is doing Kisumu and for the teams that have come over to encourage the clients and staff!