Mombasa So Far

February 2015

In early January we began the process of opening a new CARE for AIDS region in Mombasa.  Francis Odour is leading the charge in this expansion, so Ryan Arnold sat down with him recently to check in on how things are going on the coast.

You’ve been in Mombasa for about three weeks now. How have things been going? 

I can say that things have so far gone very well. Great prospects and the need is big. I’m excited to be here.

What are some specific ways you have seen God’s provision as you are starting your work? 

I met with a pastor recently. He is offering to host the first center in Mombasa for nothing else but to see how many souls can be won into the Kingdom. That is the way God works and provides. Also, he told me that he had heard of CARE for AIDS and that he loves what we do. This was s big surprise to me [that he had already heard of us]. This has really encouraged me. 

What can we expect to see in the next few months?

In the next couple of months two centers should be up and running, but in the meantime I am up and down the whole town making sure that we have the right churches and the best staff. There is so much already going on…in less than three months already so much to report! 



What do you foresee as being the biggest challenge in Mombasa? 

Personally, it will be difficult for me to adjust to the extremely hot weather here. 

My biggest challenge with the centers will be figuring out the best way to care for people of the Islamic faith, which is a big percentage of the population in the coastal region. Also, the issue related to [intravenous] drugs, as that is what is causing a high infection rate here. 

What are you most excited about as you think about the future of Mombasa? 

I can’t wait to see those two centers start and meet the clients God has prepared for us. But, more than anything, I look forward to celebrating the transformation that God is going to bring about in lives here in Mombasa. I am also looking forward to how God will stretch and grow us as an organization. 

How can we be praying for you as you move forward? 

Pray that God will continue to help me connect with the right people – especially to bring staff who will catch the vision of CFA and will be motivated to do the work. Pray for me to have wisdom and discernment during the interviews so I can choose the right staff.