February 2014

This morning we want to share a client story with you!  Meet Miriam…

“I am a believer,” says Miriam Wairimu. “And that’s how I get through. With God’s faithfulness.”

A wife and mother of three, Miriam got married immediately after she completed her schooling in 2004. During her first pregnancy, she went to the hospital for a check-up and found out she was HIV positive. As a result, Miriam’s son is also HIV positive, but he stays healthy by maintaining a strict medical regimen, much like Miriam herself, who was introduced to the CARE for AIDS program in 2012.

“My sister-in-law was in the program,” she says. “She told me about this place, and she wanted to show me. I came this year after she finished her course and now I have learned peace. I know how to live positively, how to interact with people. And I have also learned how to live [with HIV].”

With the information she has received from CARE for AIDS, Miriam can help her children better understand the disease and live healthy lives.

“I want my children to be better people than I am,” she says. “I want to help enlighten others, and I pray God will give them understanding so they can be equipped like I have been.”

But Miriam’s hopes for the future don’t end there.

“God willing, I would like to become a teacher or nurse,” she continues. “In every area of desolation, there is always an oasis of comfort. There is a purpose for our sickness. There is a reason God allowed this disease to exist.”

“There is pain,” Miriam says. “And there is purpose.”