Message From A Student

February 2014

This years experience leading and beginning CFAU, CARE forAIDS University, at Auburn has been an incredible one. I knew I was up for the challenge when Jenn and Justin approached me in the Summer of 2014. I could not wait to begin recruiting those to be on my board and later, to plan events throughout the year. I never thought I would be starting an organization at a large school like Auburn University!

I went to Kenya as a senior in high school, which gave me some knowledge of CARE forAIDS. In 2011 I had the opportunity to go to Kenya and Zimbabwe and the Lord completely changed my heart that year. He taught me how to love and serve others through Him. I saw the joy of children in a poverty level I had never been exposed to, and I was reminded that nothing in life can be satisfying without the Lord’s hand on it.

The Lord has knitted CARE for AIDS (and CFAU Auburn specifically) together with blessings I could never conjure. I have seen the generosity of those around me coming together to support an organization, not only because they want to support me, but they have developed a passion for the cause themselves. Through CARE for AIDS, I have seen families come together and support what we were doing at Auburn. Auburn students have given an incredible amount of time and effort  to make this organization run this past year. They have worked tirelessly to produce events, promote the cause, and let students know the severity of HIV/AIDS in Kenya. I have witnessed students donate to our cause with money they needed to get them through the week, but because of their trust in the Lord, we have seen how He truly provides.