Meet Katie

June 29, 2015 

This morning’s post is from Katie Nunner, one of the CARE for AIDS summer interns.

Drawn to an opportunity to apply my faith in an entrepreneurial setting, when I heard about the chance to apprentice with a founder of an organization, I was sold.

I’m honored to be paired with CARE for AIDS this summer through the Praxis Future Founder’s Program—a program that seeks to provide highly entrepreneurial individuals with hands-on exposure to a Christian-led startup environment, while developing a core knowledge base through study and conversation with the Praxis team on our potential for social and cultural impact through entrepreneurship.

From Naples, FL, I graduated in May from Ohio Wesleyan University with a degree in economics management and a minor in religion. Ever since I went on a cultural immersion trip to Spain in high school to live with a host family, I’ve been attracted to other cultures and international affairs.

I’ve had experiences shadowing businesses, legislative affairs, and this is my first experience with a nonprofit. I’ve always had an interest in Africa and learning about ways I can be engaged with the international community.

In addition to my responsibilities with CARE for AIDS, I’ll be working on a project to present at Praxis Academy in August and engaging with the other students in the Future Founder’s program apprenticing with other organizations throughout the US.

In this apprenticeship my goals are to soak in the knowledge and expertise of CARE for AIDS and to assist in their mission of equipping the church to be the primary place of healing and restoration for the HIV-positive population of Kenya. I’m especially interested in observing their leadership development, analyzing annual reports, and evaluating growth. It will be fantastic to learn how to go about starting an organization like CARE for AIDS and examining their inner-workings.

I’m already inspired by CARE for AIDS, especially in learning about the lasting impact the program has on each client’s families, and I’m excited for what is to come! I’m expecting this summer to be a rich time in personal growth as I prepare for an international development graduate program this fall at the London School of Economics and Political Science.