Making An Impact

June 2014

If you are curious about what happens on an Impact Trip, today’s post is for you! This morning’s guest post is a continuation of our post from Monday…enjoy two days of journal entries from current Impact Trip participant, Robin Hoover. 

Sunday, June 7th: 

Sunday took us to Deliverance we drove up we were met with a large purple building.  The music service was going strong when we arrived and the singing continued on during lunch.  Rodney Bullard brought the message for the congregation. He challenged all of us that we could overcome any obstacle life has to offer with the help of God.  Awesome service with the folks at Deliverance Church!

After lunch we led a mini VBS for the children.  Music, crafts and games were hopping!  Any of you who have done crafts and know what glue dots are…..after they get warm in the sun they stick to everything…  Cliff, Eve and Madison know this first hand!

Rodney and Silvette shared Bible stories and had the kids rejoicing through music while Shawn, Rencher and Wayne played about 50 games of Whiffle ball, beach ball toss and parachute. Adam captured our day with photographs (more to come soon).

We ended the night by the fire with Duncan, Cornell and Justin sharing the CFA story from its beginning until today.  It was the perfect way to end our day of worship, realizing the blessings that CFA has experienced.

Monday June 7th: 

Monday was the best day ever.  We joined the CARE for AIDS staff on home visits.  We went into 9 homes and met with clients who are now being served in various centers.  Every wonderful man or woman we met told us how they felt healing, love and acceptance since coming to CFA.  They are healthy with the medication and food provided, and their self-worth has increased with the counseling they receive. Many clients are  learning skills that allows than to make items that can be sold to begin to provide income for their family’s needs.

Not many white people walk the streets in some of the communities we visited, so we were met with lots of attention and parades of children yelling “Mzungu” (white people) and smiling. We were also welcomed with smiles, joy and acceptance due to all the love the staff here in Kenya gives these folks on a daily basis.

The day ended in the home of two clients who graduated out of the program.  We chopped, cooked, hung out in the out door kitchen, played with kids, talked about life….not unlike dinner in one of our own homes in America.

God has blessed us all with new prayer requests, memories and special friends.