Life Sustained, Life Eternal

February 2015

“There is life ahead for our clients,” says CARE for AIDS spiritual counselor Patrick Kamau. “They can always get better, even with the virus.”

For the last two and a half years, Patrick has been ministering to CARE for AIDS clients, nurturing them spiritually and offering himself as counselor, teacher, and mediator.

“Some days we have clients come into the center,” he says, “and some days we visit them and provide home-based care. We have fellowship together. We talk about the Word of God. And it’s most encouraging when we see that we are making progress.”

The most important change Patrick has seen, however, is the one that marries his clients’ physical health with their spiritual health. Instead of just tending to one or the other, Patrick and his colleagues see to both needs, encouraging their clients to believe they can have eternal life without having to sacrifice their health here on earth.



“When we start a program,” Patrick explains, “most clients have no jobs. But now many of them are employed, and we see their lives improve. We see tremendous changes concerning their health and their livelihood. They learn about sanitation and proper nutrition. Their lives get better day in and day out.”

Incredibly, this has made a powerful impact on the local church.

“Now the church has become a part of the community,” he says. “It’s no longer just in the community. And our clients are responding to the Word of God. Some have been saved, and some are simply making a step. But they are getting to know who God is, thanks to this program.”


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